The embroidering process begins by mailing, faxing, or emailing your logo/design to us for digitizing. Our in-house "digitizer" will anylyze your design and give you a quote based on the number of stitches that it will take to digitize your logo/design. Digitizing costs $18.00 per thousand stitches. Once you approve the cost for digitizing, we will schedule a day for your design/logo to be digitized. Digitizing is the process of turning artwork into stiches that can be read by a commercial embroidery machine.

Once your logo/design has been digitized, it will either be mailed, faxed, emailed or shown to you in person at our office. Once you approve the digitized design, we can move onto the next step of chosing a garment or accessory on to which your logo/design will be embroidered.

In our office, we have several catalogs for you to peruse in order to find the perfect garment/accessory for you logo/design. Can't make it to our office??? Visit the "Garment Catalogs" page of our website and chose your garments online. Just make a note of the item number and we'll do the rest!

Once your garments/accessories are ordered, we continue to make further preparations to so that when your order comes in, we can begin embroidering your product almost immediately. So, when your order comes in, it's away to the embroidering machines we go.

Once you goods have been embroidered, we trim, fold and package them and prepare them for delivery or pickup - whichever you have specified.

The following photos are of two embroidering jobs in progress.

If you do not wish to have a logo digitized, we have an extensive selection of stock designs and lettering for you to choose from.

We can embroider anything from a simple name to an intricate design on the back of a jacket. Got an idea? Need and idea for a gift. Call us and let our trained professionals assist you in whatever you need.

Our in-house digitizer has seven years of embroidering experience and has a reputation for consistently producing quality work. Several of our clients will use our digitizer's work exclusively which says a lot about our commitment to quality.

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